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Fresh &Fluffy - Dos Membership
  • Fresh &Fluffy - Dos Membership

    Sign Up for 6 months and get 1 month FREE!


    Are you tired of spending hours upon hours doing your laundry? Do you wish there was a more convenient and time-saving way to handle your dirty clothes? Look no further! Our wash, dry, and fold service is here to make your life easier.


    Here's what you will get when you sign up for Uno Membership:


    • For $49.99, weekly wash, dry & fold for two standard laundry bag (up to 10 kgs each bag) for 5 months then your 6th month is FREE. 
    • Pick up & Drop Off Service included.
    • Discount 10% off any other Dryclean Services (We will provide you a special code to use once signed up for the drycleaning discount)


    Please take note, on the webiste it shows $44.99 for the price but on the checkout it will automatically add the $5 for delivery so total is $49.99 per week.


    With our professional laundry service, you can say goodbye to the hassle of washing and drying your own clothes. Here's how it works:


    Fresh & Fluffy by North Shore Drycleaners
    Step-by-Step Guide to Sign Up and Use Our Weekly Wash, Dry & Fold Laundry Service


    Step 1: Sign Up for Fresh & Fluffy Service

    - Visit our website or contact us at
    - Choose the 6-month subscription plan to receive 1 month free.
    - Fill in your personal details:
      Phone Number:
      Email Address:
    - Agree to our terms and conditions.
    - Select your preferred payment method and complete the payment process.


    Step 2: Choose Your Pick-Up Day

    - Upon signing up, choose your weekly pick-up day (Monday - Friday).
    - We will confirm your pick-up day via email or phone.


    Step 3: Receive Your Laundry Bag & Prepare Your Laundry

    - We will provide a special laundry bag for your clothes.
    - The laundry bag will be delivered to your address before your first pick-up.

    - Place your dirty clothes inside the provided laundry bag.
    - Ensure the bag is securely closed.


    Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions provided for the details on what you can include inside the laundry bag. 


    Step 4: Pick-Up Service

    - On your selected pick-up day, place the laundry bag in the agreed pick-up location.
    - Our delivery team will collect the laundry bag from your doorstep.


    Step 5: Wash, Dry & Fold Service

    - Our team will professionally wash, dry, and fold your clothes.
    - We follow industry standards to ensure your clothes are treated with care.


    Step 6: Delivery of Clean Laundry

    - We will deliver the freshly laundered and folded clothes back to your doorstep.
    - The clean clothes will be returned in the same laundry bag provided.


    *Terms and Conditions Apply*

    • This service includes standard wash, dry, and fold for regular clothes.
    • Special care items or delicate garments may require additional handling and fees.
    • Please refer to our full terms and conditions for more details on service policies and guidelines.


    Customer Support

    - For any questions or changes to your subscription, please contact our customer support at
    - We are here to assist you with any concerns or special requests.


    Enjoy the convenience of Fresh & Fluffy by North Shore Drycleaners, making laundry easy and hassle-free for busy families. Sign up today and get more time for what matters most!

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Frequently Asked Questions for Fresh & Fluffy by NSD (Wash, Dry & Fold Laundry Service) - Auckland, New Zealand


      1. What is the Wash, Dry & Fold service?

      Our Wash, Dry & Fold service provides a convenient way to handle your laundry needs. We pick up your dirty clothes, wash, dry, and fold them, then deliver them back to you, all neatly packaged.

      2. How do I sign up for the service?

      You can sign up for our service by visiting our website or contacting us directly at [Insert Contact Information]. Simply choose your preferred subscription plan, fill out your personal details, and select your pick-up day.

      3. What days do you offer pick-up and delivery?

      We offer pick-up and delivery from Monday to Friday. You can choose your preferred pick-up day when you sign up.

      4. What areas do you serve?

      We currently serve the North Shore and surrounding areas in Auckland. Please contact us to confirm if your location is within our service area.

      5. How much does the service cost?

      Our pricing depends on the subscription plan you choose. We offer various plans to fit your needs, including a special offer where you get 1 month free when you sign up for a 6-month plan. Please visit our website for detailed pricing information.

      6. What type of clothes can I send?

      You can send most types of regular clothing for our standard Wash, Dry & Fold service. However, items requiring special care, such as delicates, dry-clean only garments, or heavily soiled items, may require additional handling and fees.

      7. How do I prepare my laundry for pick-up?

      Place your dirty clothes in the provided laundry bag, secure it, and leave it in the agreed pick-up location on your chosen pick-up day. Our delivery team will collect it from there.

      8. How long does the process take?

      Once we pick up your laundry, we aim to return it to you within 48 hours. We will notify you if there are any delays.

      9. What happens if I miss my pick-up day?

      If you miss your scheduled pick-up, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

      10. Are there any items you do not accept?

      We do not accept items that are heavily soiled with hazardous materials, wet items, or items requiring special care without prior arrangement. Please refer to our terms and conditions for a complete list of non-accepted items.

      11. What measures do you take to ensure the quality of the service?

      Our team follows industry standards for laundering and handling clothes. We use high-quality detergents and equipment to ensure your clothes are cleaned and cared for properly.

      12. What if I have special instructions for my laundry?

      You can include any special instructions when you sign up or contact us directly. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

      13. How can I contact customer support?

      For any questions or concerns, you can reach our customer support team at [Insert Contact Information]. We are here to help with any inquiries you may have.

      14. How do I make changes to my subscription?

      You can make changes to your subscription by contacting us directly. We can assist with adjusting your plan, changing pick-up days, or updating your personal information.

      15. What payment methods do you accept?

      We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and bank transfers. You can choose your preferred payment method when you sign up.


      North Shore Drycleaners: Helping Families, One Load at a Time.

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