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Wedding Dress


Fair Prices, Guaranteed

We know Wedding Gowns are important, whether you want to keep/store it or sell, that's why North Shore Drycleaners ensure your wedding dress is carefully restored and preserved after your big day.

North Shore Drycleaners offer special bridal gown service with careful, gentle cleaning and hand-finishing attention to detail. Each gown is individually assessed to determine the most suitable cleaning method. Wedding gowns are priced on inspection, relative to the degree of complexity, volume and soiling. This also considers specialist pressing, and requirements for delicate embellishments.

We also offer quality preservation service that ensures your gown is preserved for future generations to enjoy. We offer a choice of both bag and boxing preservation to suit your requirements – both of which include your gown being wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and packaged for long-term protection.

Due to the sentimental value of a wedding gown, it is important you choose an experienced, and specialist service provider who really cares for your gowns.

Bring your gown into our store anytime to receive a quote, no appointment required. Alternatively, provide your details below to get a quote.

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

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