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Handy Drycleaning Tips

Here are the top dry cleaning tips:

  1. Read the care labels carefully - Before taking your clothes to the dry cleaners, read the care labels on your garments to ensure they can be safely dry cleaned.

  2. Sort your clothes - Sort your clothes according to color and fabric type before taking them to the dry cleaners.

  3. Point out stains - Point out any stains to the dry cleaner so they can pay extra attention to those areas.

  4. Inspect your clothes - Inspect your clothes before leaving the dry cleaners to make sure they're clean and in good condition.

  5. Use mesh bags - Use mesh bags to protect delicate items like lingerie and hosiery.

  6. Store clothes properly - Store your dry cleaned clothes properly, either on hangers or folded neatly in a drawer.

  7. Avoid using too much fabric softener - Avoid using too much fabric softener as it can damage the fabric.

  8. Air out your clothes - Air out your dry cleaned clothes before wearing them to get rid of any lingering chemical smells.

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